What Qigong Students Say…

I continue to learn and improve

I have signed up for Michael’s Qigong beginner class for the fourth time. Not because I didn’t learn from the first class, but because I continue to learn from each class I repeat. I enjoy being in Michael’s class and practicing with fellow classmates. Michael’s teaching method is welcoming, calm and non-judgmental. He breaks down each movement into small parts so that you understand and complete them properly for your best benefit. He is unendingly helpful and kind and makes the world of alternative medicine very approachable. I am very grateful I signed up for his class and may continue to repeat the class many more times.

~ Jane, OH



Qigong practice helps me manage stress better throughout the week

My participation in the Qigong Community of Practice has supported my centering and grounding through the practice of qigong, resulting in better managing stress throughout the week. Additionally, the community energy is encouraging and welcoming – and helps me show up and maintain my practice. Big thanks to Michael for this continued offering!

~ MaryJo B.



Qigong classes where none of the movements are painful

When I broke my left big toe 14 years ago, I found myself in pain more often than not during my Vinyasa yoga class. I no longer could do the down dog or child’s pose positions without significant modification, and so gave up on yoga completely. It has been a gift to take the Qigong class with Michael Brennan, where none of the movements are painful, movement is incorporated with gentle breathing, and small corrections are constantly made on a one on one basis to maximize the benefits. Examples of corrections are making sure to bend my knees before rolling up from a bent over position, avoiding putting my shoulder into an unusual angle (and instead having it align in a straight line), and holding my ‘owl’ position with my hands in a way that allows my chest cavity to be larger by taking advantage of how my shoulder blades are positioned. One of Michael’s many gifts is a melodic deep voice that makes it easier to remember the lessons about what to do during the movements, what the health benefits are, how the movements connect to the body’s meridians, and the sequence of movements. A huge bonus is the dedicated community to practice three mornings a week via zoom after learning the movements.

~ Emily P.

Michael clearly explains how to do the Qigong movements

Michael is such a great Qigong teacher. I really enjoy his class. He not only clearly explains how to do the Qigong movements but also the reasons behind them and their purpose.~ Trish, OH

Online practice sessions for Qigong students

During COVID 19 we creatively moved to an outdoor venue, and Michael instituted Qigong instruction in advance of the Tai Chi class for those of us who were interested. A remarkable experience! He so unselfishly opened us to a new avenue. Then he offered online practice sessions for his Qigong students and friends interested in continuing our Qigong learning. Selfless. Beneficial. And very much appreciated!

~ Bill, OH

Encouraging students and reminding us to listen to our bodies

Michael has a very calming voice and teaching technique; encouraging students and reminding us to listen to our bodies. He was available for questions during class or even outside of class, if one came up during the home practice. As Michael explains the moves, the philosophy behind the moves and his experience with Qi Gong, the one thing that is truly apparent… he cares.

~ Diane, OH



The class was easily adaptable for a chair

I was apprehensive about the class due to knee issues, but Michael assured me the moves could be done sitting or standing. During the course, he even “pulled me aside” (as best one can do in a Zoom environment), asking me if I had questions and how it was going for me using a chair. The class was easily adaptable for a chair and I found myself doing a combination of both sitting and standing.

~ Student, OH